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Marketing Technologist-Intern

About the Job:

We are looking for someone pursuing a bachelor’s or higher in communications, business, or a related field for a hands-on learning opportunity in marketing.  Depending on performance and ability, this opportunity may lead to a paid offer to join the team.  As a startup in the midst of a new era of modern, software-based marketing products, we’re looking for somebody interested in helping to make sense of these choices:  we are looking for someone to fill the role of a marketing technologist to ensure that we are best utilizing all available tools and avenues to help us in our “go-to-market” strategy.  This role will prove valuable marketing experience, emphasizing collaboration with sales and development to deploy existing technologies and/or create new ones as a part of a general marketing plan.

As the discipline of marketing evolves with technology, we want to be sure that our startup is ahead of the race.  We need a marketing team pulling from multiple disciplines--user experience design, technical writing, sales, and even software development--to allow us to reach this goal. The ideal candidate will be able to earn a paid position with the team by proving valuable to our startup’s aims and standards, offering excellent verbal and written communication skills, an ability to prioritize and collaborate, and a talent for aligning resources with marketing goals.

 Critical responsibilities:

-Provide overall strategic marketing guidance to sales and development team

-Work with customers to strategize marketing solutions to meet their needs

-Identify opportunities for growth and improvement

-Become an expert in each client’s technical ecosystem

It is imperative that the candidate demonstrate an interest and at minimum cursory understanding of the following components of marketing strategy development and implementation:

●     Branding

●     Content development and management

●     Marketing technology strategic use planning

●     Data management, reporting and analytics

●     User experience planning and design

●     Deployment and sustainable support

●     Marketing automation and related tools (e.g. Eloqua/Marketo/ Dynamics)

If interested, send an updated resume to

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