Completion Engineer

Conducts analysis on wells, platforms, and fields, in addition to well completion methods.  Provides engineering support to other technical staff and departments as required.  Responsible for the evaluation, development, and implementation of short and long term completion plans of wells, platforms, and fields, and for maintaining required safety training and compliance.  Provides cost estimates.


·  Applies basic knowledge to carry out a sequence of tasks.  Under close supervision, performs routine assignments requiring the application of standard techniques, procedures and criteria. 

·  Assists in the management of completions operations by setting and tracking completions goals. 

·  Assists in developing completion, recompletion, and workover plans for new and existing wells. 

·  Reviews economic status of well fields, requests/reviews bids for work to be performed, and recommends contractor and equipment. 

·  Provides recommendations that optimize completion design. 

·  Conducts analysis on wells, platforms, and fields. 

·  Provides cost estimates and timing for future workovers and new executions. 

·  Monitors capital budget. 

·  Determines completion methods for production enhancement. 

·  Assists in designing, preparing and may perform well workovers and stimulations.

·  Assists in preparing AFEs for projects. 



Job Requirements: 

·  Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering or related discipline 
·  Requires 3 year of related experience.   

Job Location: 
Pittsburgh  --
United States
Date Posted: 
Tuesday, June 3, 2014
Approximate Salary: 
$100 000.00 per year
Years of Experience required: 
Contact Name: 
Brandon Dawson
Posting duration: 
60 Day Featured Job Posting
Job Type: 
Full Time
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